Jacintha Damström is a former circus artist and now a classically trained flutist, improviser and comedian from Finland. She is known as a very physical improviser, and together with the Decibel – Improv Show she has integrated acrobatics into improv. She loves to mix different art forms together, and she often performs as a multi-artist on stage. Swaajp has invited her as a guest for the November show: Swaajp invites Jacintha Damström and we asked her a few questions so that you can get to know her!

Could you describe yourself in five words.
Curious, empathic and very stubborn

Why is improv so important to you?
I simply love the improv community and what the exercises of improv do to the atmosphere of a group. I get especially fascinated of how we can find new sides of our self through improv, and at the same time make our weak spots more strong and comfortable.

How do you fall back on improv in everyday life?
By accepting new situations and to say yes both to other people and to my self.

Which improv player do you admire most and why?
Inbal Lori and FelipeOrtiz! They have the possibility to surprise me every time I see them on stage, and I simply love how their mind and body work together!

What is your favourite improv related memory?
When I found my inner fire of what kind of improv I really love to do thanks to Patti Stiles sidecoaching.

Which improv format are you hoping to perform with Swaajp?
I’m hoping to be able to try out my acrobatic improv technique with the Swaajps. They are great improvisers, and I know it will be great to push some new boundaries with them!

Why should people immediately book tickets and come see this show?
The audience will see us all step in to a new zone of improv which they have never seen before!

Thanks Jacintha!

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