Beata Różalska is an improviser from Poland where she performs with her group SzaFoFe. She’s currently travelling more frequently around Europe and the world with the show 7 women of different ages. Swaajp has invited her as a guest for the January show: Swaajp invites Beata Różalska and we asked her a few questions in order to get to know her better. Enjoy this interview!

Could you describe yourself  in five words.
Very interested in doing things.

What is your idea of perfect happiness on stage?
Feeling safe with my partner, making a great connection and having fun!

Which improv player do you admire most and why?
There are many improvisers I really admire, I love to watch, I love to speak with, play with and learn from. I should say that there is a type of improv player, which I admire. It’s a person who listens carefully, supports on and off stage, never stops learning and really cares about others. 

You are a member of the all-female improv group 7 women of different ages. How do you see the role of improv in a world of evolving femininity and the changing idea of gender?
In my opinion, art is one of the best ways of showing people our struggles. Because it’s just showing our thoughts, feelings and opinions. We are not judging anyone. Improv is a powerful tool and people can use it to change people’s minds. And I hope we are using it in the best way. Because we show that we are just ourselves. And we don’t need anything more, we are strong like that. 

Which improv format are you bringing to the stage together with Swaajp?
Dystopia. This format shows people how dangerous their dreams can be.

Why should people immediately book tickets and come see this show?
Because I brought Dystopia from Australia, where I trained it with a Taiwanese teacher! The show will be fun and energetic!

Thanks, Beata!

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